10 Fun Facts About Bonnie

Bonnie recently sat down with Just Jared and told them some interesting facts about herself. Read them below and be sure to check out the original article here!

  1. I once got kicked out of a party at Prince’s house.
  2. I don’t have any piercings on my body, including my ears.
  3. I have a reoccurring nightmare of Tsunamis.
  4. I once saved Katy Perry from drowning.
  5. I was in a hip hop group with Macklemore in Seattle in high school
  6. I’ve never had a cavity.
  7. As a child I lived in a tiny village in England!
  8. I collect vintage telephones and electronics, some say it’s hoarding…
  9. I always order the weirdest thing on the menu, or everything on the menu. But I hate pizza.
  10. I have Synthesia (see colors when I hear music).

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