Bonnie during a Pride festival in 2014.

Birth Name: Bonnie Leigh McKee
Nickname(s): BonBon, Bambi
Birthday: January 20, 1984
Star Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Vacaville, California
Current Residence: Hollywood, California
Height: 5’0″
Hair Color: Natural Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

  • Bonnie was named after her grandma.
  • She is classically trained on piano.
  • She has two tattoos; a set of three stars on her wrist and a small sparrow and star located below her hip.
  • She started singing when she was 3 years old.
  • She wrote all the songs on Trouble before she turned 16.
  • She joined the Seattle Girls’ Choir when she was in 3rd grade. While in the choir, she toured Europe and sang at the Vatican.
  • She’s been married (and then got divorced.)
  • She owns a home in Hollywood Hills.
  • She was signed to Reprise Records when she was a teenager.
  • She was signed to Epic Records in 2012, however she is now releasing music independently.
  • She wrote 9 songs that became #1 hits in the US and/or the UK between 2010 and 2012.
  • The first song Bonnie wrote, around the age of 13, was called Kitten.
  • Bonnie credits her dad for teaching her melody, stating “…we used to play together and he taught me how to sing in harmony. We played bluegrass songs together. I would play piano and he would play the guitar.”
  • Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Blondie are all musical influences for Bonnie.
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Gender: Feminine
Origin: Scottish
Usage: English
Pronounced: BAHN-ee
Simple Meaning: Pretty
Bonnie is a Scottish female personal name that means “pretty”, derived from the French “bonne” meaning “good”. It’s somewhat similar to the Spanish “Bonita” also meaning “pretty”.


Gender: Feminine & Masculine
Usage: English
Pronounced: LEE
From a surname which was derived from Old English leah meaning “clearing”.


Northern Irish and Scottish: variant of McKay.

Omg the moon is so bright I need moonglasses

I loved ‘Teenage Dream’. I think that was my favorite one and that was a hard one for me to give up because I’ve had that teenage theme kind of throughout my music.

When I got Tommy Lee in drag, as me, flying through the air, upside-down, playing the drums, I literally started crying. I took a reaction video and sent it to him, like, “Look at what you did to me.”

I’m heavily influenced by eighties pop culture.

Bonnie has been featured in many magazines throughout the years, and you can find out which ones below!


  • Blender (Unknown Issue)
  • Bop (Unknown Issue)
  • Teen People (Unknown Issue)
  • Hits (November 19)


  • Teen Vogue (December/January)


  • Billboard (November 20)
  • BMI MusicWorld (Winter 2010-2011)


  • Rolling Stone (April 25 or 28)


  • Schon! (Issue #18)


  • Capricho (Unknown Issue)
  • ELLE (May or June)
  • Glamoholic (December)
  • La Canvas (July/August)
  • Galaxie (October 1)
  • Marie Claire (November)
  • Nylon (November)
  • Submerge Issue 146 (September 30-October14, 2013)
  • The Hollywood Reporter (February 15)
  • David Atlanta Magazine (Issue #70)
  • Billboard (August 17)
  • Submerge (Issue #146)


  • Cosmo (March)
  • Fault (Issue #17)
  • Icon (New Year Issue)
  • Kode (Issue #1/Spring)
  • US Weekly (February 17)
  • Genlux (Fall)
  • Unleashed (Next Generation Issue)
  • V Magazine (Spring 2014)


  • Animals (Issue #1/Fall 2015)
  • Kode (Issue #8/October)
  • Frontiers (Vol. 34 Issue #12)
The team of friends that help Bonnie with her music, style, and more are sometimes referred to as the “Bontourage”. Learn who they are and what they do below!

  • Darren Craig / Photographer, director, boyfriend
  • Kathryn Burns / Choreographer
  • Anthony H. Nguyen / Makeup Artist
  • Aaron Light / Hair Stylist
  • Valerie Franco / Drummer
  • Heather Baker / Guitarist
  • Caroline D’Amore / Keyboard
  • Alex S. / Assistant
  • Francesca Bevens / Backup Dancer
  • Stephanie Rose / Backup Dancer

For information about Bonnie’s career, visit that section of our website here! We also have a whole section dedicated to Bonnie’s style/fashion here.

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