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Check out Bonnie’s new music video for Thorns below!

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Bonnie performed at the Peppermint Club in LA this previous Saturday (9/2) and I’ve added some photos to the gallery and linked some videos below to watch her performance! She sang two new songs; Dirty Laundry and Hey Alligator. Watch her whole performance on Kristen’s Periscope here.

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Bonnie will be performing at The Peppermint Club on September 2 in West Hollywood. Limited tickets are available here!


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Bonnie McKee is the American Dream: she’s a California girl who pushed her way up to the top with nothing but raw talent and determination in her back pocket. This fiery combination ultimately helped her etch a mark on some of the biggest Hot 100 hits of the decade, with writing credits on chartoppers by Katy Perry and Britney Spears.

McKee’s latest single “Thorns” proves slightly more brooding than her earlier material, honing in on a sound that’s clearly evolved from the foot of her shimmery bubblegum pop roots, and into a more polished self-aware form of alternative pop.

To celebrate the release, we caught up with McKee to talk about  the meaning behind thorns “Thorns,” the lack of women on the charts and how her sexuality informs her songwriting process: “As I got older I tried to write gender neutral songs because the gender is irrelevant.” Check out our interview below.

You released your debut album, Trouble, in 2004. In what ways have your goals both as a songwriter and artist evolved?

I wrote most of Trouble when I was between 14 and 16 years old, so I think it’s safe to say things have changed quite a bit for me! They were my first attempts at songwriting, so they were pretty sloppy and all over the place- cryptic. I was confused back then. I was writing kind of classic singer songwriter style songs, but in my head I wanted to be Madonna, so it took me a while to figure out how to write the music that matched the visual in my head, and that matched my personality. I am a lot feistier than that first album! My writing evolved immensely having the privilege of working with [producer] Max Martin and the like, his influence changed the way I thought about songwriting forever. (more…)

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Bonnie was featured on the Natch Beaut podcast recently! Listen below, and check out the episode guide to learn more about Bonnie’s favorite beauty products.

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Bonnie’s new single Thorns is out now! Listen to it on your favorite streaming service or download it on iTunes.

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